By Emily Crawther
No Shave

REXBURG-  For years, Brigham Young University-Idaho has upheld its Honor Code, a system that promotes personal integrity, modesty, and moral behavior. One of the standards outlined in the Honor Code restricts men from growing beards. Every November, the limits of this policy are pushed by students wishing to participate in No-Shave-November (NSN), an ancient tradition that forbids shaving for the entire month.

Wishing to curb NSN participation , BYU-I officials have begun distributing razors… to women.

“We think it’s just as important for women to shave as it is for men,” said Honor Office Employee, Keith Wainwright, “Why should the shaving rule be confined to faces?”

Since Monday, officials have handed out over 1,000 razors, each with a tag saying:  “The girl who shaves, her integrity saves.”

Feedback from students is mixed.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Student Cameron McGlendale, “I mean, I’ve never had a girlfriend, but I imagine that it would be really awkward if my girlfriend had harrier legs than me.”

“This is the last straw,” said Student Laquel Horvath, “Have you ever worn a skirt in a Rexburg winter? If we have to shave our legs, then I want to see the guys wearing kilts so we can all suffer together. Besides, kilts are kind of hot.”

Though some complain, the Honor Office maintains that shaving legs, especially in November will help young women “generate strong moral character in the face of opposition, develop a more positive self image, and increase their likelihood of getting married and raising an abundance of righteous posterity.”


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