REXBURG- The popular Sunday Stadium Singing at BYU-Idaho now includes Pig Latin.

“We added Pig Latin because it gives people and opportunity to learn a new language, ” said Arie May Atinlay , President of the Pig Latin Association. Atinlay is currently filling out mission papers and hopes that she will be able to serve in a Pig Latin speaking mission.

According to http://www.fluentin3seconds.com, learning music is an integral part of learning a language. In a nation that ranks behind most of the modern world in multi-lingualism, local Pig Latin speakers are hoping to provide students with an opportunity to expand their horizons.

“Americans live in a cultural ubblebay, (Pig Latin word meaning Bubble),” Says Eckybay Igpay, a transfer student from Nigeria. “Most Americans think Pig Latin is a dead language. They don’t realize that there are five Pig Latin based languages and that Pig Latin is sprinkled through our own English language.”

Participants in the first Pig Latin Stadium Singing commented about how incredible the experience was. As the first hymn, Cattersay Unshinesay (Scatter Sunshine), was sung, many were moved to tears.

“As we would say in Pig Latin, it was arvelousmay, just really ovingmay” said O.J. Akerbay, a senior studying Accounting.

Future Pig Latin Stadium Singing will be held at 5 a.m. under the BYU-I Stadium. The Pig Latin Association wants everyone to remember that a foreign language isn’t foreign once you learn it. Eacepay.


One thought on “Pig Latin Added to Stadium Singing

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