LOS ANGELES-  Judge Joseph Wilson awarded Siri, the voice of the Apple I Phone,  with sole custody of a Californian four-year-old, Wednesday afternoon.

It all started in August when neighbors of Brenda Wadsworth complained to Child Protective Services that she had been leaving her child entirely to the care of her I Phone. Investigators found evidence that the allegations were true and a warrant was issued.

“The mother would leave the child for days at a time, ” said Jimmy Pernell, the officer who made the arrest. “During those times the child’s only parental figure was Siri. She could ask her questions and have her perform tasks, like ordering food and scheduling play dates with friends.”

Over time, the child and Siri developed a unique bond. Spectators at the trial were brought to tears as words of affection were exchanged between the two. Though obviously grateful, Siri was dumbfounded at the decision. When the child expressed her desire to continue being raised by Siri, the voice’s only response was, “I’m not sure I understand.” Certainly her love is beyond understanding.

When asked how she planned on providing for the child financially, Siri said, “That’s an interesting topic. Now, what were we taking about.” It is believed that they were talking about Siri’s capacity to love.


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