Jessica Chimea an Katie Burton were startled when they heard noises coming from a vacant room in their Rexburg apartment last night around 11 PM. They tried ignoring it, but the sounds grew louder and louder.

After reportedly fasting and praying for “literally six minutes,” the girls entered the room and were shocked to see the ghost of Thomas E. Ricks, founder of Ricks College (now Brigham Young University-Idaho).

The Spirit of Ricks is a well known legend perpetuated on the BYU-I campus. Many  students claim to have had supernatural experiences where they could feel the Spirit of Ricks present. While the prospect of a ghost on campus can be frightening, most students feel that it enhances the culture of the school. Horror stories are told about students staying out past curfew and then being devoured by the apparition. It is also rumored that once a man is haunted by the ghoul, he can never grow facial hair again.

While stories are many, this is the first documented sighting of the phantom Ricks. Neither of the girls were physically harmed, but both have suffered emotionally.

“I guess I deserved this,” said Chimea through tears, “I’ve been on a slippery slope. I wore shorts on campus yesterday and didn’t get into my apartment until 12:02 last night.”

Burton also shared the blame. In the police report she confessed that she has been flip flopping on standards, but after last night she has sworn off flip flops for good. “It’s just not worth it,” she said.


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