In a town with thousands of single returned missionaries, being an RM may not be enough, a least not for Jennifer Spaulding, a Marriage and Family Studies Major.

Jennifer, and others like her, want guys who have served in cool missions.

“Just think about how boring it would be to spend eternity with someone who could only talk about their mission in Pocatello,” said Spaulding, “It would drive you nuts.”

In a recent poll done by http://www.superlegitresearchstuff.com it was discovered that nine out of ten women prefer a man who has served a foreign mission to a man who served stateside. When asked if speaking a foreign language was more attractive, almost 100% of women answered “Very yes.”

One anonymous response said, “It’s totes adorbs when guys speak their mission language. One time I was on a date and the guy was like, “Preciso ir ao banheiro” and I literally melted. It was so presh! I think guys who speak another language could  learn it cuz their more spirichal.”

For the brethren who served in-state, it’s tough love.

Ben Gardner, who served in Oram, UT, said that he has been rejected “dozens of times” because girls didn’t think his mission was cool enough. Speaking of his last rejection, Gardner said, “I had just made her watch Daredevil cause it’s a classic and she had never seen it. Then we were having a great time admiring my action figure collection, and then I mentioned that I served in Utah and she become disinterested.”


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