BYU-I’s Hart gym is now offering tummy tucks for students interested in losing weight quickly.

An average of 643.5 people use the Hart gym every day for the purpose of burning fat and building muscle. Now, with the Skin Fold program, students can get rid of fat without spending laborious hours doing cardiovascular activities.

“We think it’s a great program for students who want to lose weight in a hurry,” said Richard Gillis, a spokesperson for the gym, “It’s all the benefit, without the work.”

BYU-Idaho has always been on the cutting edge of health science. They pride themselves on providing all of the most up-to-date services and technologies. This program is no exception.

“It’s great that the school is getting with the times,” said Joshua Miller, one of the first students to get tucked. “I think this could be a major draw for students who may be considering a different school.”

For a limited time only, the gym is also offering two-for-one specials for couples who want to get tucked together. The “No Tummy With Your Honey” special will end the day after Valentine’s Day because officials are afraid that they won’t be able to handle the influx of appointments that are expected to come after that date.



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