Modest Juice
REXBURG- After a three-year-long struggle to get their product in the hands of on-campus vendors, Naked Juice celebrated the University’s decision to approve their new beverage line, Modest Mango.

Though campus officials were initially reluctant to meet with Naked Juice marketers for fear of what they would or would not be wearing, they did meet and were able to reach a consensus about a healthy and wholesome beverage worthy to be sold on a dedicated campus.

The process of creating a new product line was painstaking for both the University and Naked.

“We hold our students to a high standard and our juices to an even higher standard,” said Food Services Supply Manager, Tom Hutchinson. “How can we tell our students that it’s not okay to wear shorts on campus, and then turn around and tell our juice suppliers that any clothing is essentially optional? We are not a school of double standards.”

The school’s rigidity did not strip the juicers of their ambition. Their motives were as unconcealed as their name.
“We wanted to get Naked in BYU-Idaho,” said a Naked spokesman, Neil Stark. “We weren’t about to give up just because some people disliked it at first. We worked together and now people can get Naked without being ashamed.”

Modest Mango is scheduled to hit the shelves March 4, 2014.


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