Phil Robertson

In an interview with Popular Mechanics, Phil Robertson, star of A&E’s hit show, Duck Dynasty, revealed a personal prejudice that he has kept hidden since his sudden rise to stardom: He doesn’t like to shave.

Sporting a beard that’s over a foot long, Robertson is a razor’s worst enemy. Even so, his comments about men’s razors that shocked the nation may lose Robertson his spot on prime time television.

In an interview with Popular Mechanics, Robertson said, “There are two types of people who don’t have facial hair: women and small children. I am neither.” He went on to make cutting remarks about how razors are made to deprive men of their masculinity. Razor BURNED!

A&E producers, as well as members of the shaving community were outraged.

“We understand that Phil might not like to shave,” said spokesman for Gillette. “But for him to publicly offend everyone who uses razors with his 19th century notions is just incredibly distasteful.”

A&E executive, Richard O’Blivious said shortly after the interview, “We had no idea that Phil didn’t like razors. You never know what secret prejudices people may be harboring. I guess that’s what we get for making a show about backwoods Christian rednecks.”

It is currently unknown when or if Robertson will return to the show.


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