President Cecil O. Samuelson of Brigham Young University announced in a press conference on Friday that starting in 2014, the university will officially be renamed Brigham Young University- Idaho: South Campus.

Samuelson said that the decision was made in an attempt to simulate the stronger feelings of goodwill, obedience, and moral superiority that exist in BYU’s sister school located in Rexburg, Idaho.

“BYU-Idaho doesn’t surpass us in academics, but there is something special there,” said Samuelson. “I mean, there has to be something special about that frozen tundra or nobody in their right mind would want to live there. We want BYU Idaho- South Campus to feel just like BYU-Idaho, with smaller class sizes, an expanded dress code, a stricter curfew, and that ambiguous sense of kinship they call the Spirit of Ricks. We think that these changes will create a more spiritual climate in Provo.”

Samuelson said that the administration has anticipated negative feedback from students, alumni, and others who will likely resent the banning of intercollegiate sports and stricter rules.

“People will always complain,” said Samuelson, “But once they understand why these changes are happening, they will stop trying to steady the arc, and will start trying to emulate the students at BYU-Idaho who may be inferior scholastically, but whose willingness to forgo flip lops distinguishes them as way more spiritual.”

BYU-Hawaii is expected to be renamed BYU-Idaho: Tropical Paradise in 2018.


14 thoughts on “Putting on the Ricks: BYU Now Called BYUI: South Campus

  1. Wow…how can someone start such a ridiculous rumor? It’s a good thing I read it through to the end and realized what a crock this is. How can you expect people to want to read your work when you write like this?

  2. A. Monibidor, Williams, Where is your sense of humor?? This is called sarcasm with a very valid point. I loved the article. But then again, you would have had to experience Ricks/BYU-I to fully appreciate it. It is not about truth or lies, it is about expressing a truth through humor.

  3. I was gonna say something about how crappy satire is as unfunny as anything the internet has to offer. But then I read what Monibidor Williams had to say about it–now I’m having an internal conflict. If satire like this can generate as asinine and heartfelt comments as his, maybe it is worth the trouble? It’s all approaching perhaps a higher irony level than I’m operating at. I mean ‘fake facts’? Just what exactly are ‘fake facts’?

  4. I thought the post was funny, but the offended comments are even funnier! Perfect. I may have to share this with everyone.

    …but Go Aggies! USU all the way!

  5. These offended comments just emulate the descriptions made in the article about the BYU Idaho campus and it’s students. I love it!

  6. When I prayed about this revelation (Which I do about everything I read — even the comics.) a burning in my bosom testified with great gusto. Certainly BYU-I is the Harvard south of Sugar City, Idaho.

  7. As a member of the BYUI faculty, I am absolutely, unequivocally appalled . . . at anyone’s inability to see the humor in this. It’s hilarious because the “fake facts” are so true. May we ever be able to poke fun at ourselves; if we can’t, we’re in trouble. But, all kidding aside, we are more spiritual up here–jus’ sayin’.


  8. As a mom of 5 BYU Idaho students, Aunt to a Suburban load of BYU Provo students, I found this to be rather truthful and funny. Interesting that many of the comments from BYU Provo students were negative and mean spirited and many from BYU Idaho were not. There is something to be said about living with stricter rules and obeying them because you want to. Oh, and my nieces and nephews would at BYU Provo would love this too!!!!

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