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REXBURG, Idaho- In a grueling online debate that dragged on for almost 14 comments, Kevin Burros, finally conceded that he was wrong.

Speaking of his sudden change of heart, Burros said, “After that liberal dude started typing expletives, I really began to reconsider my position. The more insults he threw at me, the more I became convinced that I was actually wrong.”

Burros is one of many who have seen the error of their ways via social media.

Speaking of this phenomenon, Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, said, “When I created Facebook, I hoped that it would become a platform for people to passionately discuss controversial subjects. I think a lot of people have changed their opinions through Facebook arguments.”

Recent studies show that over 80% of online arguments end in someone admitting that they are wrong. It was observed that anger, cursing, tactlessness, racial slurs, logical fallacies, and spurious quotes only increased this statistic.

Burros, who has since changed his opinion about global warming, taxes, gay marriage, gun control, and use of the word “literally,”  says that he is grateful for his Facebook friends for getting fired up about every issue.

“It’s good to know that people are so passionate about things,” said Burros. “If people weren’t so aggressive online, I would have never even realized I was wrong on so many issues .”


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