Whistle Choir

REXBURG, Idaho- For the first time ever, Brigham Young University- Idaho’s Tuesday devotional will feature a whistling chorus.

“It’s amazing,” said Margaret Lichman, director of the chorus, Clean as a Whistle. “In the past, the school only allowed singing choirs to perform in devotional. Now our whistlers can display their talent too.”

For one and a half grueling weeks Clean as a Whistle, has practiced both mornings and late mornings in preparation for its upcoming debut.

“It’s a lot of work,” said whistler Whitney Wadsworth. “And we whistle while we do it. I’m just happy that my musical talents are going to uplift others.”

After Tuesday’s devotional where it will whistle popular hymns like “Now Let Us Rejoice,”  “Come, Let Us Sing an Evening Hymn,”  and “Whistle Me a Wife,” Clean as a Whistle is scheduled to start its musical tour that will take it to faraway cities like Driggs and Ashton.

Clean as a Whistle hopes that it will be instrumental in opening the door for other obscure performers. So far, the BYU-I administration has scheduled devotional appearances with The Rexburg Spoons Quintet and the band, Kazoo Let the Dogs Out.


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