REXBURG, Idaho- Four motorists remained motionless for seven hours at the four-way stop at the northwest end of the BYU-I stadium earlier today. Authorities reported that the drivers were too polite to go before the other vehicles, resulting in a standstill that left witnesses from out of town questioning their decision to move here.

“I realize I technically had the right of way,” said one of the motorists, Aimee Bidwell. “But I was raised to be polite and let other people go first.”

Ben Packer, another one of the drivers, was apparently raised to be just as polite.

“I saw the girl with the right of way motion for me to go first,” said Packer. “I was so touched by her generosity that I decided to pay it forward. I signaled to the guy on my left to go first.”

The “good will wave” was passed on to a third driver at the intersection and then back to Bidwell who originally had the right of way. The cycle repeated for seven hours, causing a traffic jam that made Utah residents feel right at home.

After seven long hours, Packer finally cast aside his conscience and entered the intersection where he promptly hit a pedestrian.

The unnamed pedestrian, who was too nice to sue, was fined for texting in the crosswalk.


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