Pioneer Trek

REXBURG, Idaho- President Kim B. Clark announced in today’s devotional that Brigham Young University-Idaho will be hosting a pioneer trek reenactment that is scheduled to take place every day this winter. Now students who walk to class in the icy tempests will be doing it for a greater purpose.

“Our forbearers crossed the plains in the most extreme of circumstances and this winter we will honor their legacy by figuratively, but also kind of literally, walking in their footsteps,” said Clark.

Rexburg is known for its harsh climate conditions, and the administration felt that it would be the perfect place for an accurate reenactment of the Mormon Pioneer Trail.

“You students are already living on scant provisions,” said Clark. “Your Top Ramen is not much better than their handful of flour. Now you will walk as they did, without flip flops, in the subzero temperatures, icy winds, and blinding snow. At least you don’t have to worry about wolves.”

At the request of the administration, some apartment complexes are getting into the spirit of the event. The Gates have been renamed “Devil’s Gate” and The Ridge is now called “Rocky Ridge” after famous pioneer landmarks.

The trek, which will become an annual event, is scheduled to end some time in July when the snow melts and will start again in September when the snow comes back.


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