REXBURG, Idaho- Nearly halfway through her first semester at BYU-Idaho, Mackenzie Stauffer, a freshman majoring in general studies, announced today that she is truly in love with Brian Peterson, a junior studying business.

“It’s so funny how it happened,” said Stauffer, who has known Peterson for less than one month. “We were in this group project for public speaking, and he mentioned that he liked Regina Spektor, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! I like her too!’ And it was just like we had this connection right from the start, you know?”

Stauffer, who turned eighteen last December, said that it only took her two dates to realize that she and Peterson shared a deep and meaningful bond.

“Just the other day, we were sitting in devotional together, and I looked over at him and it just hit me that I have never felt this close to another person before,” said Stauffer, who never had a boyfriend before meeting Peterson.

Stauffer, who is the youngest roommate in her apartment at the Willows, said that she was impressed right from the start by the talents and charms of Peterson, a 23-year-old returned missionary who has broken up with every woman he has dated for the past two years.

“I mean, I know it’s only been two weeks, and I don’t want to be hasty, but he’s definitely the one,” she added.

At press time, Stauffer had already decided what temple she and Peterson would be married in, named their children, and adjusted her Pinterest wedding board to account for the color of Peterson’s eyes.

Guest post by Dalton Willard


4 thoughts on “Freshman Girl Absolutely Certain She Has Found True Love

  1. OH give me a break…this is the sappiest love story that has no merit to what true love means. Just because you guys have something in common doesn’t mean that you’re soul mates. You’re 18 years old, you have your whole life ahead of you…don’t throw it away based on Regina Spektor. You’ll hate her when you guys have to file for divorce.

  2. they need to make a new college degree at BYU-I: bachelor’s in family. while not really an academic centric degree, the program requires you to 1.) double down on those family home evening sessions every Monday to increase odds for finding true love during freshman year, and 2.) bear your testimony every month with those oh-so-subtle cues that you are on the prowl

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