Breakfast Taco
IRVINE, CA- There are two types of people in this world: those who like Taco Bell, and those same people 30 minutes later.

In a move so jolting that it left associates reaching for their barf bags and Mexicans bowing their heads in shame, Taco Bell has released yet another menu item guaranteed to give you indigestion: Taco Bell Breakfast.

The decision to incorporate a full breakfast menu came after a focus group consisting of mostly 16-year-old males said they wanted a “sick” breakfast.

“We thought we were doing enough to make people sick,” said spokesman Paul Sanders. “But if these kids want a sick breakfast too, then by golly, we are going to give them the sickest breakfast they’ve ever had.”

It’s not just the kids who are excited about it. 87-year-old Dianne Belberry says she she’s sees many benefits to a Taco Bell breakfast, “It will be cheaper than laxatives and will work much more quickly.”

Many within the organization have expressed hope that the success of the campaign will help the whole company to evolve.

“I express hope that the success of the campaign will help the whole company to evolve,” said Sanders. “We’ve been informally known as Taco Hell for years and hopefully enough people will get sick from our breakfast that we can do a whole brand change and adopt Taco Hell as our official name. I can hear the ads now: ‘From the depths of Taco Hell comes a fire-rrhea… okay, it sounds better in my head.'”

The Taco Bell breakfast will be available on March 27. Until then, customers will have to wait until the afternoon to mess up their digestive system.


One thought on “Taco Bell Releases Another Thing to Make You Sick

  1. It will definitely make you sick! They’ve had a test out here where I live, and having a waffle taco the first thing in the morning is no bueno.

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