REXBURG, Idaho- In a controversial departure from tradition, Karin Jacobs, a senior studying music education, astonished members of her student ward when she declared that she was thankful for the opportunity to address her peers.

Jacobs, who currently serves as a Sunday school teacher for the Rexburg YSA 187th ward, drew audible gasps when she thanked her bishopric for giving her a chance to speak about honesty.

“It was like a weird dream,” said Hannah Stewart, a sophomore studying animal science, who serves as a Home Evening coordinator for the 187th ward. “She didn’t talk about how a member of the bishopric called her a week ago to assign her as a speaker, or how she felt completely unprepared to speak.”

Jacob Smooley, a junior studying mechanical engineering and 187th ward doorstop supervisor, noted with quiet awe that Jacobs did not use a dictionary to introduce her topic, nor did she express a fear of public speaking.

“I kept expecting her to tell us that she had based her talk on a talk from last General Conference, and then just quote that for the rest of time without adding in any of her own thoughts, but she never did,” Smooley said. “I mean, who even does that?”

Jacobs, who told her colleagues that she had prepared her talk well before the day she delivered it, further dumbfounded her audience when she did not refer to any overly-quoted pieces of poetry or literary, and did not relate a rambling personal story that only slightly related to her topic.

“I’m not sure that Karin understands how you’re supposed to give a talk,” said Kirsten Lind, a junior studying art and a family history coordinator greeter for the 187th ward. “She didn’t speculate on any obscure points of doctrine, or use quotes with dubious sources.”

According to numerous eyewitnesses, Jacobs concluded her talk without going drastically over or under the amount of time she was allotted to speak in.

Dalton Willard


One thought on “Woman Shocks Congregation by Expressing Gratitude for Talk

  1. but then came John to say the closing prayer and the same robotic, mindless phrases were yet again spoken…”and please make sure everyone drives home safely.” I mean seriously, how many car wrecks to Mormons get into if that is one of the main phrases said in prayer?

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