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LOS ANGELES- If Moses knew how successful the Bible would be in Hollywood, he would have made a movie, not a book.

“Noah” and “The Son of God” are two of many upcoming films flooding the film industry with Bible-based movies. Though the two have received most of the publicity, critics estimate that other Judeo-Christian stories like “Elisha and  “Moses” will do just as well in the box office.

Here is a list of the most anticipated  Bible films for 2014 and 2015:

Rear Window of Heaven
Citizen Cain
Immaculate Inception
Lord of the Things: Return of the King
John Everlasting
12 Humble Men
There’s Something About Mary Magdalene
The Wizard of Ur
The Roman Empire Strikes Back
Dead Prophets Society
The Revelator 2: Judgment Day
Jaws: Of Hell
The Prophet: An Unexpected Journey
The Israeli Job
Men in White
430 Years a Slave
Big Fish 2: Encounter with Jonah
The Gomorrah Games: Catching Fire
The Perks of Being a Watchtower


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