Little Stream

REXBURG, Idaho- Researchers in Eastern Idaho have discovered a geological oddity that makes it appear as if a small stream is speaking audible words.

Outdoor enthusiast, Nancy Witherspoon, was hiking near a small, unnamed stream in Targhee National Forest when she heard words coming from the water.

“At first I  thought I had imagined it,” said Witherspoon. “But as I hurried down the hill it got louder and louder. It even started singing. It didn’t stop. I bet it was singing all the day.”

She noted the coordinates and immediately notified friend and colleague, Merv Halliday, a geology professor at BYU-I.

The next day, Halliday and a team of investigators returned to the spot to hear the talking stream for themselves.

“Rumors of the ‘talking stream’ have circulated among locals for decades and we were excited to see if this was the real thing,” said Halliday. “When we arrived, we were elated to hear the little stream speaking.”

Witherspoon and Halliday, now hailed as international geological heroes,  remain humble.

“I’m small, I know,” said Witherspoon “I don’t plan on writing a book or going on a speaking tour. But wherever I go, I hope that I’ll be able to discover more gifts that nature has to offer.”

It is reported that most people who have visited the little stream have heard it say, “Give.”


2 thoughts on ““Talking Stream” Discovered Outside Rexburg

  1. Oh, I have goosebumbs all over ! I am so glad to hear that this little has been proven to be able to talk as do trees and other creations of nature. I’m singing, singing all day today just knowing about this – just as the blossoms dew.

  2. Brilliant stuff. “Audible words”…as opposed to… How about “…is speaking in recognizable English.” Smart stuff all the way though. Would it add to the article to finish with a last paragraph saying that “There are unconfirmed reports that LDS Philanthropies at BYU-Idaho is planning on using the stream to encourage institutional donations, since the stream’s most common word seems to be ‘give’.”

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