Letter to the Editor

Our letter to the editor was featured in the BYU-Idaho newspaper, the Scroll.

Dear the Editor (if that is even really your name),
I am complaining about how much complaining there is in the Scroll. If there is one thing I hate, it’s an exam. If there’s another thing I hate, it’s complaining! People seem to think that the Scroll is not just an irrelevant newspaper, but also a platform for personal griping! Hello, the world revolves around the moon, not you!

       We all have difficult lives. I’m a hard-working father of three. At least, I would be if I was married. Getting married is hard, but you don’t hear me complaining about that. 

       Complaints are hurting my grades. I spent four hours yesterday telling my roommate why I hate complainers. When I finished, he was in tears (prolz from being sick of hearing how much people complain). We didn’t get any homework done. Thanks complainers.

     People need more gratitudefulness. What, are you going to complain about how gratitudefulness isn’t a word? Last time I checked, this was a free country, so stop complaining. Why can’t we just smile and say, “Thank you life that I’m not dead… or living in Provo.”

      Complaining is destroying our country. My grandfather colonized an inhospitable desert, building a city out of cactus, rattlesnake pelts, and sheer American grit. Did he ever complain? Yes. Once. But you would too if you if you had written every song attributed to Tim McGraw and never got the credit. Besides that, he never complained. People should just remember that this country was built by people who never complained about anything. ​

The Squirrel
Puppet Performance Major


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