HOLLYWOOD- The makers of the upcoming film, Noah, are being sued by competitors who claim that the story was plagiarized.

“It is obvious that they didn’t come up with this idea,” said attorney, Phillip Archer. “The whole thing is a rip-off of a previously-existing story.”

Archer and his clients are suing for $11 million for intellectual property infringement.

“Let’s look at the evidence,” said Archer. “An ordinary, bearded man is called by God to build an ark to save humans and animals. Though he faces criticism, he stays true to his convictions and is vindicated when a massive flood occurs. This is obviously the story of Evan Almighty.”

Court hearings will begin on March 27, 2014. If Archer is successful, the Noah movie will be renamed, Evan Almighty 2 and the producers of the original story will receive a percentage of the box office earnings.



3 thoughts on “Producers of Noah Movie Sued for Plagiarism

    • Couldn’t be God, because the movie “Noah” didn’t even resemble the version God had written. Two thumbs down.

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