PHOENIX, Ariz.- For reasons still unknown, every year the month of March sees a turn in conversation toward the subject of brackets. And nobody is more excited than local orthodontist, Dr. Mason Whiting.

“I love it,” said Whiting. ” Nobody seems to care about braces during the rest of the year, but then in March, brackets are all people want to talk about.”

Hearing of Warren Buffet’s billion-dollar challenge to create a perfect bracket, Whiting has cancelled all appointments this month and scheduled his team to work around the clock in order to create a perfect set of teeth brackets.

“It’s not as easy as you would think,” said office assistant, Peggy Harding. ” We work long and hard, but the challenge isn’t about the money, it’s about ensuring that people have the straightest teeth possible.”

When asked what he would spend the money on if he won, Whiting answered, “I think a billion would be just enough to take care of my three kids’ dental expenses.”


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