FHE Parents

REXBURG, Idaho- Despite the lack of love and mutual understanding between them, two Family Home Evening “parents” in a local Young Single Adult ward have decided to stay together for the kids.

Upon receiving the assignment to serve, Brian Gundrum and Camilla Ross looked past their many differences in a valiant effort to provide a wholesome and positive atmosphere for their “family.” But after three tumultuous weeks, the couple reached the limit of their tolerance.

“She expected me to make the dessert every week,” said Gundrum. “I can’t even make myself a Pop-Tart . How am I supposed to make dessert for 18 people?”

Ross’s criticisms were just as harsh.

“The father is supposed to take charge of FHE,” she said. “Instead, he waits for me to do everything. He’s a total deadbeat. He’s a bad example to our FHE group.”

When asked why they haven’t filed for separation, they both agreed that it was for the kids.

“We love our FHE kids,” said Ross. “Even if we don’t love each other. We don’t want them to feel like this is their fault.”

“If they can’t have FHE here, where will they go?” asked Gundrum. “I don’t want to see our FHE kids put into different families. That would break my heart. Mostly because there’s a girl in our group who I really want to ask out.”

Though the couple is struggling, they have agreed to counsel with their Bishop.


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