“How come I don’t look like the other Israelite kids?” asked nine-year-old Jamie to his parents.

“Jamie,” his father said tenderly. “We need to talk.”

Jamie wasn’t the first child to ask his parents this difficult question.  For centuries, children all across christendom have realized that even though they are considered Abraham’s seed, they look an awful lot like gentiles.

Many parents struggle with knowing how and when they should tell their child that they were adopted into the House of Israel. The conversation doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, in can be an enriching teaching moment.

One mother, Dianne Kingsley, said of the experience, “Though I was initially very nervous about telling my son that he was adopted, I went ahead and did it. Apparently he already had his suspicions. Through tears we were able to talk about the adoption process, and he even mentioned how he would like to have his own kids adopted into Israel one day.”

When talking to your child about Israelite adoption, it is important to constantly reaffirm your love and concern. Adopted children sometimes want to understand why they were given away in the first place. Discussing the Abrahamic Covenant with your child will help reassure them that before they were formed in the womb, they were known and were subsequently chosen in the furnace of affliction and bought with a price.

While each situation is unique, experts recommend explaining Israelite adoption process to your child when they are about eight years of age.


3 thoughts on “How to Tell Your Child They’re Adopted… Into the House of Israel

  1. I can’t wait to incorporate this story into a seminary lesson! “Kids, your parents haven’t told you yet, but guess what? You’re adopted!”

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  3. I realize the comic aspects of the article. However, one must consider that if a patriarchal blessing says you are of the loins of Ephraim you are literally a descendant of Ephraim. If it says you are adopted you are adopted. Many people of Scandinavian and British descent (as well as Slavic and Japanese) are literally descendants of Ephraim, and thus of the priest-class of ancient Egypt as Joseph took at least one Egyptian wife. Also, how is an Israelite supposed to look? Whenever I have shopped in the Jewish neighborhoods of Los Angeles people assume I am Jewish, and one of my daughters and two of my sons get mistaken as well. Maybe its in the epecanthic eyes as people also think I am Russian. However, if we only look at the tribe of Judah, most people who are Jews today, they range from red-headed and pale to darker hair and slightly olive complexions if they are Sephardic.

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