DTR Ring

REXBURG, Idaho- In an attempt to remind themselves and others of their dating preferences, a growing number of young single adults in Idaho and Utah are brandishing new DTR rings.

The rings, which encourage people to “define the relationship” have proven to be effective tools in generating relationship-oriented conversations among single Mormons.

Chloe Daniels, who had not been in a legitimate relationship in over three years, said that wearing the ring has drastically improved her dating life.

“The DTR ring reminds me to open the dialogue with the men I date.  I’ve definitely seen positive results, and by that, I mean I haven’t dated anyone who’s not serious about commitment… so I haven’t really dated anyone, but I feel better about it.”

Her roommate, Karen Cobb, who first gave her the ring has had a similar experience.

“My ‘relationships’ used to drag on and on for months without me ever having any clue where we officially stood. The DTR ring has been a game-changer for me. Guys see the ring and they know that I want to talk about official relationships. I usually like to jump right to the DTR on the first date.”

A recent study shows that most YSA men still prefer the original CTR ring slogan, “Cease the Relationship.”



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