Line Club

REXBURG, Idaho- The-Stand-in-Line club is currently holding its last meeting of the semester outside the BYU-I testing center between now and Friday evening.

The club, which was organized shortly after the building of the Manwaring Center, seeks to provide students with the opportunity to participate in our nation’s favorite pastime: standing in line.

“It’s exactly like Disneyland,” said club member, Melissa Bush. “Except without the rides or the churros.”

Though the club meets regularly in the Crossroads and in grocery stores, the finals-week gathering outside the testing center is always the largest event of the semester.

“During finals week we typically have anywhere between 50 and 5,000 people who come out to stand in line,” said club president, Brandon Kidman. “It’s really excited to see so much support for the group. We are just glad that so many people share our passion for standing in line.”

The Stand-in-Line club has an open membership, so everyone is welcome to participate. The next official club meeting will take place next semester during midterms.


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