With the spring semester at BYU-Idaho nigh approaching, we compiled a list of honest college department slogans to help students understand the fundamental aspects of each program and to facilitate the process of selecting suitable courses for their higher education.

Accounting: Because everybody needs that friend come tax season

Animal Science: It’s not all horseplay

Art: The easiest transition from starving student is to starving artist

Business Management: Have you ever considered summer sales?

Chemistry: When it comes to women, we don’t have it

Communication: RT @comdept Math is hard #elitisthipsters

Computer Science: <What is girl?/>

Early Childhood Development: Fulfilling all your stay-at-home mom dreams

Elementary Education: Until you figure out what you really want to do

Engineering: Dating is not a factor of the equation

English: It was the best of departments, it was the worst of departments

Exercise Physiology: Girl look at that body

General Studies: Having your life figured out is way too cliché

Geology: Don’t take rocks for granite

Horticulture: If you’re not lichen the puns, you can leaf!

Music: You can’t Handel the flute!

Nursing: If you think this patient is hopeless, try resuscitating your social life

Psychology: Can it help you figure yourself out? I’m  a’Freud not.

Recreation Management: It really is all fun and games

Spanish: Utiliza el idioma de la misión

Theater: We support the troupes


5 thoughts on “Honest College Department Slogans

  1. As one of the few child development majors who dosn’t want to be a sahm, spot on. but byui dosn’t have a early childhood development major!

  2. Computer science:
    IF (newPeron.isFemale() && me.isSingle()) {
    while(me.cantSpeak()) {
    cout <> response;
    IF(response == “I think so…” && newPerson.noRing()) {
    cout << "Do you want to eat burritos while I beat Halo 5000 tonight?\n";
    me.think("She probably hates burritos!\n");
    } else {

    • I may be going out on a limb (as squirrels are wont to do), but this may be the best comment ever posted on this site.

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  4. Thumbs up for nicklecoder’s comment ^. LOL. Also, no political science? :(. How about: Not good at math, so I went on the learn about pointless government theories that will never help me in my actual career.

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