REXBURG, Idaho- Since its transformation from Ricks College to a four-year university in 2001, Brigham Young University-Idaho has been without a mascot. Frustrations over the removal of the former Rick’s College mascot, Thor, have prompted the administration to announce the search for a new symbol of BYU-Idaho.

Here are the list of potential mascots being considered by the administration:

The Tyrannosaurus Rex: Because dinosaurs didn’t have beards either

The Spirit of Ricks: Stand in the Crossroads at midnight of the harvest moon and he will appear and grant you free tuition

The Rexburglar: Tuition is so cheap, you’ll feel like you’re stealing


Alleen Sheen the Dating Machine: Helping all to obtain the “ring by spring”Alleen

The Rexborg: You will be assimilated


The Rexburger: Education is a dish best served cold
Vote for your favorite by commenting below.


7 thoughts on “BYU-I Looking for New Mascot

  1. T-Rexburg. If you want a good laugh — look up T-Rex Rammell — he was a Rexburg politician that ran for governor and got 25 percent of the vote.
    He made real news so “unique” — you guys could have posted about it and no one would have known the difference.

    • The Squirrel would like to take this moment to officially endorse Rex Rammel, with the understanding that these children will sing any and all messages from the governor.

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