REXBURG, Idaho- Tony and Sarah Ferguson were married two months ago. Or were they?

Neighbors, friends and family have been confused as they’ve noted nothing on either Sarah or Tony’s Facebook statuses that indicates that they are married as they so claim to be when seen in person.

“It’s unnatural.” said, Diana Jones, self-proclaimed best friend of Sarah. “Tony hasn’t posted a single status about how great it is to be married, or how Sarah’s the best wife in the world. I’m not sure he even loves her, let alone is actually married to her.

When asked about the details of the wedding Sarah’s sister, Celia Larsen, said:

“We had flowers, finger foods and everything. I thought for sure that it was a real wedding reception. I’ve even seen their marriage certificate! But then again,” she continued, “Who can tell these days whether something is real or just photoshopped.”

“If it isn’t on Facebook it hasn’t happened.” said Ben Reeves. “There’s been nothing, nada, on either of their walls about this so called wedding they had, or about their personal lives. If they were really married they’d be posting like crazy about it.”

Interestingly enough, Tony and Sarah’s married friends see nothing amiss with the situation. Their single friends on the other hand all agree that there are strange things afoot. Are Ryan and Sarah really married? If so, why have they not posted statuses to brag about their relationship and their escape from single life?

For now, the answer to these questions will remain a mystery. When asked, both Ryan and Sarah refused to comment… or like.

Guest post by Autumn Reynolds


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