Rate My Date

REXBURG, Idaho- College students around the nation are raving about a new online service that makes dating easier than ever.

Rate My Date is a website formatted after ratemyprofessor.com, an online resource that allows students to give public feedback about professors they have taken classes from based on common criteria. Ratemydate.com functions in the same way, only instead of rating professors, students can rate people with whom they have gone on dates.

“The worst thing ever,” said sophomore Tracy Gooding, “Is when you ask a girl out and two minutes into the date you realize you’ve made a terrible decision. This website allows you to find out all you need to know beforehand so you don’t make that mistake.”

While Rate My Professor evaluates teachers according to helpfulness, clarity and easiness, Rate My Date uses attractiveness, intelligence and spirituality as its standard measurements of date satisfaction.

Though the reaction to the website has been overwhelmingly positive, there are still a few who are reluctant to accept it.

“I just think it’s weird,” said Super Senior Jeff Birkstrom. “I don’t think a girl should find out about my video game addiction until at least the third date.”

Though the reviews are mixed, one thing is certain: Rate My Date has drastically changed modern dating.


One thought on ““Rate My Date” Website Makes Dating Easier Than Ever

  1. I think this is a super weird concept… and not the right way to do it. Someone’s harsh words could permanently scar someone’s reputation, even unfairly. Some nitpicky person could ruin dating and potentially a great match for others.

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