SALT LAKE CITY- Temple Square, renamed “Temple Scare,” is officially ready for this year’s General Authority Trunk-or-Treat. As is customary, the event will be topped off with the highly competitive costume contest. Here are our predictions for this year’s winners:

Honorable Mention 2: Thomas the Train
“Of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: we’re out of candy again.”

Thomas the Train

Honorable Mention 1: Jeffrey ARRRRR Holland
The most swashbuckling sailor on the Good Ship Zion.




Jeffrey ARRR Holland


3rd Place: Sheri Dew as Wasatch Mountain Dew
Sheri Dew do what she do when she do the Dew

Sheri Dew

2nd Place: President Uchtdorf as the Terminator
He is currently negotiating the rights for a film entitled “No Judgment Day.”

Uchtdorf Terminator

1st Place: Elder Russell M. Nelson as Boyd K. Packer
Even though Elder Nelson has worn this costume for the last five years, we think he has finally perfected all the mannerisms and voice of President Packer.

Boy K














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