SALT LAKE CITY—Kris Reagan was 27 years old when he finally decided to make an announcement that would change his lifestyle, his relationships, and his very identity forever.

He knew it would be difficult, but he was tired— tired of hiding, tired of feeling ashamed, tired of being alone.

In a tear-filled meeting with close family and friends, Kris finally unveiled the secret that had been lurking within him for years—He is a Democrat.

Reactions to Kris’s announcement were varied.

“I’m absolutely devastated,” said his sister Barbara Reagan. “We were raised in a good conservative home. I just never saw this coming.”

To others, it was expected.

“I knew this would happen eventually,” said friend Kevin Rand. “From the day I met him I could tell that he was different than the rest of the guys. I just knew that he liked big government.”

Kris’s story is not unique. In a time where states’ rights is a dream of the past, there is an unprecedented increase in people who self-identify as Democrat, Liberal, or Left Wing.

Having a friend or family member come out as a Democrat can be confusing, stressful, and downright heartbreaking for everyone involved. To spare you some of the strain of this difficult process, here is a list of Dos and Don’ts for dealing with loved ones who are Democrats.

DO use proper terminology
Derogatory terms like Demoncrap, Tree Hugger, College Dropout, Pot Head, Socialist Traitor, and Godless Commie, though possibly accurate, only hurt the feelings of left-wingers who are typically pretty sensitive anyway. The last thing you want is a liberal feeling like a victim.

DON’T try to change them
Democrats will be the first to tell you that politics is not a choice. Most liberals were simply born that way and no amount of logical persuasion or episodes of the No-Spin Zone will convince them otherwise. 

DO find common ground
Just because they want to save the rainforest and you want to pave it, doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you have in common. For example…. there’s uhhhhh… mmmm……well, we’re sure you’ll find something. 

DON’T ask overly personal questions
If a loved one has confided in you that they are a Godless Commie Democrat, that doesn’t give you license to ask prodding questions like, “So when did you realize you liked abortion?” or “Did this happen because you were on welfare as a child?”

DO try to be inclusive
The Republican party is just that—a party, a big tent party. As long as your friend is an old, rich, straight, white, English-speaking Christian male, there is plenty of room for them. While they shouldn’t rely on you for financial assistance, they should know that any time they want to go hunting or watch Fox News, you are there for them.

DON’T ostracize
Make sure the climate of your relationship is like the climate of the earth- unchanging. Though their uninformed opinions may be taxing, there is no need to abort your friendship. Your love, like Wall Street wealth, does not need to be redistributed to accommodate this new circumstance.


7 thoughts on “When a Loved One Comes Out as a Democrat

  1. Its ok to be a democrat as long as you don’t do abortion. Also, democrats arnt all commies. This article makes to many overexagerations.

  2. LOL!!!!!! It’s so good to be a Liberal. And believe anything you want. Especially if it’s in the realistic zone.

  3. Wide is the way for those who don’t hold fast to the Sure Rod. We will continue to pray for their lost souls and this article does help us realize they still are people like you and me, even though they stray. Godbless

  4. When the Republican party was founded in 1856, it was mainly opposed to “the twin relics of barbarism— slavery and polygamy,” and pledged themselves to rid the country of these two evils. Mormons at that time anti-Republican Party, and voted for Democrats in droves … because … hey polygamy was cool, right?!

    Sadly, most Mormons now think the Republican Party is “one true party” of the church. Yikes!

    As Gandhi said: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

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