REXBURG– The weekly devotional broadcast is a hidden treasure in the underground spiritual scene at BYU-Idaho. Housed in the private venue of the I- Center, only a few hundred people gather ever week to hear undiscovered lecturers and indie music groups like the Collegiate Singers.

But with the announcement of an impending address by big-label speaker, Russell M. Nelson, came a radical spike in devotional interest. Now, thousands of mainstreamers are expected to be in attendance at today’s broadcast.

This drastic influx of devotional participants has upset some of the local elitists who prefer a more “obscure” spiritual experience. One such person is Atticus Mortenson, a philosophy major sporting a homemade bolo tie and an expression of disillusionment with spiritual conformity.

“I went to devotional before it was cool,” said Atticus. “Now devo is just getting too mainstream.”

In protest of the popularization of devotional, Atticus and his fellow purists are opting to sit this one out. Instead of attending the meeting they will be listening to old conference talks on vinyl. All are invited to join them, but remember to BYOH (bring your own hummus).


One thought on “Devo Now “Too Mainstream” for Spiritual Hipsters

  1. But if you didn’t get the beans for your hummus from the local farmer’s market and make it yourself, then get the hell out.

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