REXBURG- A trusted source just confirmed that the extremely spiritual Anthony Gardner is actually related to a General Authority. The trusted source was Gardner himself, who volunteered the information at least four times during his religion class.

“Yeah, my uncle is a General Authority and so he talks with the apostles all the time and stuff. It’s really cool,” said Gardner nonchalantly as his classmates sat in awe and mild covetousness.

This insight has further sealed the belief that Gardner, already known as somewhat of a sage among his peers, is in fact a really spiritual person.

“One time my uncle got us seats in the front section of the Conference Center,” said Gardner quite spiritually. “When President Monson came out he waved pretty much right to us.”

The Squirrel is currently awaiting DNA test results to see if Gardner, already a spiritual giant by anyone’s standards, is actually a descendant of Parley P. Pratt.


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